finland Shihan Tero Kukkonen

Shihan Tero Kukkonen 7th Dan. The founder of the Martial Arts Sports Club Ronin (1996), Main Instructor, Chairman and W.E.B.B.S. Representative in Finland. Has been trained Combat Sports for more than 30 years.. Alongside Ju-jitsu has also trained Boxing, Kick-boxing, Kobu-jitsu, and Kyoshu-jitsu. His Ju-Jitsu career started in 1987 and still goes on. Achievements so far: -1st dan Ju-Jitsu 1993 (Sensei Derrol Connelly) -7th dan Ju-Jitsu 2014 (Soke Bryan Cheek) Shihan Kukkonen is an instructor of law-enforcement, he was the first law-enforcement trainer of Military Police in the Reserve in Helsinki in 90`s (95 and 96). He was also a Self-defense trainer of Stadin Sissit, a Club of Officers in the Reserve in Helsinki in 90`s ( 90-96) Has instructed several Self defense courses to various groups (in Schools, in Business World and in different Clubs etc) The founder of the Finnish Goshinjutsu Federation and a Secretary of it.