mexico Sensei Alonso Rosado

Han Mu Do (5th Dan) 1st Dan Black belt, promoted by Skip Hancock, 1st Dan Black belt (first and the only generation of black belts in Mexico), Aikido, 2nd Dan Black belt, promoted by Sensei Miguel Angel Moreno, president of ?Federaci? Mexicana de Aikido?, with official recognition of the Hombu Dojo in Japan.

As a representative of Han Mu Do in Mexico, with the help of Prof. Joel Mireles Cornejo and Ricardo Vadillo and more recently with the help of his father and Instructor, Alonso Rosado S?chez, has given about 60 self defense seminars in the last five years in Mexico.

First Place in Self Defense demonstration in the Hapkido World Championship in Seoul, Korea, year 2000. He was the Martial Arts coordinator in the film ?The Librarian?, produced by TNT Channel (coming soon in 2005 spring), he is also Chief Instructor in the self defense area for different companies and police groups.

He and his father are the founders of the martial arts magazine ?KATANA; the sword of the warrior? in 1990.