romania Sensei Daniel Lupasc

Sensei Mircea-Daniel Lupasc was born in Romania in 1969, and was a Sergeant in the Romanian army¨ 28.03.1990 – 20.07.1994 where he was a Military martial arts instructor, Guard instructor & shooting instructor. As sergeant in Romanian military Sensei Lupasc was training the troops in military martial arts survival techniques, close protection and was charged with the duty of escorting secret documents transports and high ranked officers. Sensei has also worked as a security agent and security agent instructor guarding banks and training the banks security agents this included training the bodyguards in close protection techniques and martial arts

Honours and Grades Founder of and former president of Romanian Okinawan Karate Federation President of International Shorin-ryu Kaikan First to introduce Yoshinkan Aikido in Romania Organizer of first International Yoshinkan Aikido seminar in Romania( with late Arnaldo Beretta Shihan). Organizer of International Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar (with Hiromichi Nagano Shihan ). First to introduce Matsumura Shorin -ryu in Romania. Romanian representative for Matsumura Shorin ryu Organizer of Matsumura Shorin -ryu International seminars 1992-2008 with late Katsuo Harada Soke. Organizer of Matsumura Shorin ryu seminars with Giuseppe Meloni Shihan since 1998 to present days. President and founder of Lupasc International Karate Tournament 1998-2006. Founder and president of Ktistai Martial Arts Association. Founder and president of Romanian federation of Brazilian Jujitsu. Founder of program Trough play&games to martial arts. 6th dan Matsumura Shorin ryu karate title of Shihan. Founder of Urban self defence system ( system developed for both civilians and military for urban and street fighting armed and unarmed ). Founder and president of International Shorin ryu Kaikan. Sensei is also the writter of many articles about Shorin -ryu and bodyguarding in former martial arts magazines, Musubi and Martial Arts. Sensei also featured in 4 editions of a TV show called The Art of Defence on national television channel TVR 2. ( The Art of Defence was a show about the world of martial arts )