saudi arabia Shihan Rodrigo T. Paycana

1999 � Champion: JEMAC KATA CHAMPIONSHIP � Senior Division, Jeddah, K.S.A 1979 � Black Belt Kata Champion � PUMA NATIONAL TUORNAMENT, Philippines 1979 � Black Belt Openweight Team Kumite Champion: PUMA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT, Philippines 1972 � Champion: BLACK BELT OPENWEIGHT INDIVIDUAL KUMITE, COJUKAP NATIONAL TOURNAMENT, Philppines

MARTIAL ARTS HISTORY: 1967 � Trained in Boxing and Kyukushinkai Karate. 1968 � Traind in Kodokan Judo at national Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Judo Club under Philppine Amateur Judo Association (PAJA). 1969 � Trained Sphinx System of Karate combining techniques of Kung Fu and Karate.

1970 to 1979 � Trained at Banzai Karate Club that teaches Kyukusshinkai and Shotokan Karate ,Training 4 hours 4 times a week participates in numerous tournament, Local and National Level , attended seminars for Referee and teaching methods until the rank of 4th dan, awarded byMaster Rolando Gardiola, Chief Instructor. Trained in Combat Judo under grand Master Stanley Orong, 10th Dan, founder of Combat Judo Karate Federation of the Philippines (COJUKAFP). Promoted to 5th danBlack Blet by Grand Master Ireneo Gardiola and joined Philippine Union Martial arts Association (PUMA).

1980 to 1984 � Promoted 6th Dan Black Belt by PUMA board of promotions and awards and appointed member of PUMA councel of masters worked in Bahrain, Arabian Gulf and continued teaching and promoting Shotokan Karatedo

1987 to Date � Founded the SHOTOKAN MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL (SMAI) in Jeddah Saudi Arabia continued promotion of Shotokan Karate. Organized meetings of martial arts Instructors And Seminars. In 1992, he founded the JEDDAH MARTIAL ARTS COUNCIL (JEMAC) at which he waselected as chairman of the board several times. JEMAC organized the first and the biggest public Martial Arts tournament in 1992 under the Leadership of Shihan Paycana.