serbia Borko Radovanovic

Borko Radovanovic – Founder and head coach of the club martial arts TAKEDA”” Born in Kraljevo 09.January 1977. Professional orientation: Consultant for security. Position: Founder-style Takeda San Ryu Jutsu, President of Serbian Association of Aikijujutsu Black Belts: 5 Dan -Takeda San Ryu Jutsu 4 Dan – Aikijujutsu 3 Dan – Ju Jutsu. Martial arts training since 1994. when beginning to practice Aikido. The club is practiced and skills Karate-Do. Black belt 1 Dan obtained 1999 g. Active exercise and keep training in Aikido club”Boken”-Kraljevo. Coming 1999 year the Police College in Belgrade and starts practicing Ju-Jutsu and has specialized in martial arts masters of different martial arts and styles. Black belt 1 Dan for Ju Jutsu receive 2002. During the studies, to compete in Karate and Ju Jutsu in representing their school and the Interior Ministry of Serbia. At the same time with professors Jujutsu runs a section of the Police College. Ends in Police College and began working as a Manager of security and personal security in a private company. Continues training in Jujitsu, Judo, Karate and Aikido, and hard work and regular coaching in 2006 got a Black belt 2 Dan in Aikijujutsu and Ju Jutsu, and 2009 g. Black Belt 3 Dan in Aikijujutsu and Ju Jutsu. At the end of 2010 year by several international martial arts organization receives verification of the title of 4 Dan for Aikijujutsu and 3 Dan for Ju Jutsu. Their martial arts club””Takeda formed in 2008 and at two locations in the city and with a section in home town Kraljevo gathering a large number of members. The main instructor Aikijujutsu Association of Serbia, so that regular training and seminars held throughout Serbia, as well as training of workers in one of the largest security companies in Serbia. In the and 2010 Mr create own style of fighting Takeda San Ryu Jutsu , and the style and the title of founder 5 Dan Black Belt 5, verified by several international organizations for legitimate martial arts. In addition served as President of the Serbian Association of Aikijujutsu, representative of International Association-Real Combat and Ju Jutsu and Aiki Jujutsu Advisor, Licensed Military Police Instructor. He lives and works in Belgrad