srilanka Shihan Vajira S. Jayampath

Jukoshin ryu – 5th Dan Kung Fu – 5th Dan Jeet Kun Do – Black Belt Kobudo – Black Belt WEBBS Representative – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island with a large population located in the Indian Ocean! A third world country where the people cannot afford many of the things we in the west take for granted. Martial Arts is for most Sri Lankans a luxury and although training is very cheap by our standards to the average student there, it can be beyond their resources. Shihan Vajira Sri Jayampath has a large martial art group mainly based in Kandy, this is where he teaches most of his classes, he started his own training in the art of Kung Fu and Jeet Kun Do under a foreign monk who visited Sri Lanka and he was able to study Boxing – Karate – Gymnastics and Yoga with local teachers. In 1984 he opened his first school of martial arts and called it the “CHINESE KUNG FU INSTITUTE” this is now one of the leading martial arts schools in Sri Lanka. During the early 1990,s he began searching for other martial arts from around the world, he contacted many high graded masters for assistance for both himself and his students, however it seemed they were only interested in how much money they could make and the fees that they required were impossible for this poor country. It is very difficult for Sri Lankans to travel due to bad finances and immigration problems, so it appeared to be a dead end. Shihan persevered with his idea of contacting senior martial artists and eventually and unbelievably he received a reply from an Internationally reputed master, who offered to visit his country and train his students free of any charges! This person was Soke Bryan Cheek 10 th Dan. Soke has now travelled to Sri Lanka on many occasions and has taught Jiu Jitsu and Kobudo free of charge. After meeting Soke, Shihan Vajira realised what a true, trustworthy Instructor he was and that was when he affiliated his very large group to the WEBBS organisation. Soke has assisted with travel for Shihan Vajira to Japan and China and he has learnt from Soke to teach strong defensive techniques to his students. Shihan Vajira is a professional martial arts teacher and also a Justice of the Peace for the Sri Lankan Government, he feels most privileged to be a personal student of Soke Bryan Cheek, he will honour him forever! Shihan is the World Elite Black Belt Society – WEBBS and the Jukoshin ryu International representative for Sri Lanka.