sweden Sensei Per Lindmark

Born 1963 In Stockholm Started with wrestling 1978 then prolonge with Judo 1980 under that time I alsoe played football 1984 I skip the Judo and football and started to train Jiu-Jitsu in 1987 I came in contact with Soke Bo Munthe and started my Goshinjutsu Mute Jinen Ryu training, and be doing it every since. In the beginning of 2012 Soke Munthe closed his style , and a started my own style Atari-Ryu Goshinjutsu Sweden, and the Club its located in the center of Stockholm, I alsoe do self Defence courses for companys and private training. My grades are: Goshinjutsu 6th Dan, AJJIF Ju-jitsu 6 th Dan, Jiu-Jitsu International 5 th Dan, Judo 1 Dan, Modern Self Defence organization Europe 1 Dan , Tanbo Jutsu , 1 Dan