trinidad Sensei Jhon Davis

Sensei Jhon Davis started my Martial Arts training in 1982 with the Purple Dragon International Jiu Jitsu Association in Don Jitsu Ryu under Professor Don Jacob achieved his Black belt in that art form in 1985.

In 2003 he received his 4th Degree Black Belt from the World Kumite Ryu JuJitsu Association from Soke Lil John Davis who is also his present Teacher.

Sensei has also studied Anatomy and Psysiology, First Aid, Shiatsu Massage, Judo, Theology, Sociology, Psychology, inter-alia, he also became a Diploma and Licensed Massage Therapist in Swedish Massage with the Trinidad and Tobago Massage Therapy Association.

On February 2nd 1989 he became President and Founder of the Victorious Christian Soldiers Martial Arts Youth Training Institute, teaching his Martial Arts Philosophy, Vic-Jiu-Jitsu-Ryu.

Coach, Trainer, Founder of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service Martial Arts Team and Music Marching Band in 2000 – which have accomplished to date winning four (4) Grand Championships in Kumite, and Kata, over 250 Trophies and 200 Medals locally, Regionally and internationally. Sensei Jhon Davis has been the recipient of many sterling awards for my contribution and Participation in the Martial Arts such as certifiactes of participation, recognition, Gold award, Warrior awards, commendations, etc. from various organizations throughout the world. Including the World Karate Union Hall of Fame award as, Master of the Year 2007 Jiu-Jitsu.