peru Sensei Jorge Vásquez Ortiz

I´ve been studying and practicing Martial Arts for thirty three years. I started with Karate Shotokan in 1977 in a small dojo in the ditrict of Breña in Lima, where I practice almost a year and after a resting period I continued my learning in another dojo in 1979 where I practiced Shotokan until 1991. In the mean while I met Yasutaka Tanaka Sensei who gave me the black belt 1st degree (Shodan in 1984) and previously advised me to practice also other forms of Martial Arts (He was Godan in Karate, San Dan in Judo and Shodan in Kendo) He told me that the best way is to learn all the time and that I have to search for what karate didn´t have… In 1983 I went to a Judo Dojo, it was into a large police station called Judo Club Of 29th Police Station – Radio Patrol and I practice there until 2003 with Juan Salas Sensei (San dan). There also I knew a japanese Sensei named Satoru Amitani who taught me Tai Ho jutsu, he vsited Perú in some circunstances with the purpose of preparing instructors in Police Self Defense I was in the second group of instructors but I was the first Black belt Shodan graduated in Tai Ho jutsu (1998) because in 1986 I had practiced Combat Hapkido and in 1997 I also started practicing Goshin Ryu Aikijiujutsu so that It was easy to me asimlate Taiho jutsu knowledge. I was incharged to teach police forces until 2003 when Sensei Amitani returned to Perú and he tested me and I got San Dan Between 1988 and 2003 I practiced: Taekwondo, Leitai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Karate SeiguioRyu, Aikido Aikikokyukan (derived from Daito Ryu), American Goshin Jutsu, and Okinawate, In 2004 I had to travel to the jungle to work and in that region I was introduce to a Sensei who was a retired Navy Special Forces instructor, he traided me in Tae Fae Kwon Do (Meriners self defense Martial art) I got shodan. There also I affiliated to JKA of Perú and aprobed YonDan in Shotokan. In 2008 I got back Lima and I started learning and practicing Jujitsu Nefusen Ryu and I was evaluated obtaining shodan. In October 2010, I was evaluated by Soke Adam Figueroa, founder of Goshin Ryu Aikijiujutsu getting the License of Kirikami (Yondan) and the title of Sensei. In November 2010 I affiliated to IBU (International BUDO Union), this organization reccognized me Black belt 4th degree (April 2011) and Black Belt 3rd degree (June 2011). Masters and Sensei who I studied: In Shotokan Karate Do: Yasutaka Tanaka (Godan), Miguel Vega (7th dan), Jorge Horna (6th dan) Juan Zúñiga (3rd dan) In Judo: Juan Salas Pardo (3rd dan) Dante Pastor (3rd dan) Oscar Cruzalegui (3rd dan) Hugo Parra (2nd Dan) Javier Fernández (2° dan) In Goshin Ryu Aiki Jiujutsu: Soke Adam Figueroa and Renshi Edmundo Paredes In TaiHoJutsu: Satoru Amitani (5th dan) In Jujitsu Nefusen Ryu: Renshi Fernando Torres (6th Dan) In American Goshin Jutsu: Yoshimitsu Asai (7th dan) In Tae Fae Kwon Do: Jorge Horna (3rd Dan) In Okinawate: Shihan Yoshimitsu Nakamura In Aikido Aikikokyukan: Felix Shimabuko (5th Dan) and Luis Salazar (4th Dan) In GoshinJitsu- Aikido Seiguio Ryu: Shihan Henry Ishibashi In Hapkido: Jiun Dook Sung (2nd Dan) In SeiguioRyu: Maximo Lizana (5th dan) Grades: 4th Dan in Shotokan Karate (1977 to present) 4th Dan (Kirikami) in Goshin Ryu AikiJiujutsu (1997 to 2010) 3rd Dan inTradicional Jujutsu (2004 to present) 3rd Dan in American Goshin Jutsu (1999 to 2004) 3rd Dan in TaiHoJutsu (1998 to 2002) 1st Dan in Jujitsu Nefusen ryu (2008 to 2010) 1st Dan in Tae Fae Kwon Do (2004 to 2005)