Argentina Renshi Adria Alejandro Costanzo

Renshi Costanzo started his training in martial arts at the age of 16 years, this was at the “JUDOKWAI” which is the International school of Judo and JuJutsu located in the province of Saita, Argentina. His first discipline was in Tao Lon Shin Kung Fu, but his teacher had to relocate to another area so he changed his training to JuJutsu and Personal Protection. He obtained his 1st Dan in this art in 1990 and he has continued both training and teaching this art since this time. Renshi has introduced JuJutsu into the schools curriculum in the Province of Saita, Argentina and he has also founded the JuJutsu system of Jun Ketsu Ryu. Now a 4th Dan in the art of JuJutsu he is happy to be a member and the official representative for the World Elite Black Belt Society – WEBBS for Argentina.