azerbaijan Sensei Vidadi Hajiyev

Sensei Hajiyev started his martial arts training in Taekwon do at the age of ten years and he continued this training for more than twelve years and still practises today, he now holds the grade of 3rd Dan in this system. He also holds the grade of 2nd Dan in Tang Soo Do, 3rd Dan in Full Contact Karate and 4th Dan in Combat Hapkido. During his military service for the armed forces of the Azerbaijan Republic he served as a self protection and physical training instructor, he is now a qualified lawyer with a Batchelor of Science Degree and he speaks several languages – Azeri – Russian – English – Turkish – Usbek. He learnt most of his martial arts from immigrants to his country from Korea and then later from teachers in Uzbekistan. In 1995 he relocated to Caucasus, where he now has a Taekwon Do school.