Belarus Sensei Sergei Koblov

. 4dan in Hapkido(AHF),April 12,2004. 3rd Dan Ju-Jutsu and 1st Dan Kobudo. 5th Dan chif instructor of th Bushin-Kai International

Representative organization name: Bushin-Kai International. Branch of Byelorussia. Representative and chief-instructor of the WEBBS for Byelorussia is Sensei Sergei Koblov

WEBBS Byelorussia headquarters is located in the capital of Minsk. The Byelorussia Honbu Dojo name is MINSK BUSHINKAN DOJO.

Sergei Koblov is director of the Byelorussia Ju-Jutsu Federation and Minsk Budo Association and official representative of the Bushin-Kai International. Also he is member of the BKI international directors board. Sergei is a Renshi Evgeny Radishevsky, 5th Dan and often assists him for the seminars and Congresses. For last 5 years Sensei Koblov has taught hundreds of students and 5 have become black belts. They help him and now teach in Minsk Dojo.

First of his assistants are Sergei Berezinets, 3rd Dan, Valery Evtushenko, 2nd Dan and Pavel Dyatko, 2nd Dan. All of these persons are WEBBS members.