canada Shihan Karl Schulz


6th Degree Chito Ryu Karate I have been teaching Karate with Barber Martial Arts for over 24 years. Our classes specialize in teaching children with various special needs including physical and cognitive disabilities. In 1990 I became a P.P.C.T (Pressure Point Control Tactics) certified instructor under Professor Georges Sylvain and Bruce Siddle. In the same year, I also became a certified instructor of the persuader (Kubotan) under Professor Georges Sylvain. In 2008 I received my Shodan certification in the Street Survival Instructor Program (Can Ryu 2000 Street Defense Tactics) under Professor Georges Sylvain. I am currently the president of the Eastern Ontario Independent Karate Organization (E.O.I.K.O). In this capacity, I oversee various black belt gradings throughout the year. I offer complimentary women’s self defense courses to employees of various organizations (including hospital staff, shelter staff etc.). I also organize a free women’s self defense course each year for women in my community. I have also taught Street Awareness and Escape Technique Seminars to employees of various organizations such as shelters and group homes. I currently hold a Level 1- Kickboxing Judging certification for the Quebec Amateur Kickboxing Association and judge various events throughout the year. I have been a member of WEBBS since its inception and currently hold the title of Canadian Representative Soke Bryan Cheek awarded me my Renshi Title in 2003 and my Shihan title in 2010. Throughout the years I participated in many seminars given by prominent members of the Martial Arts community. I have been the owner of a Martial Arts Supply Store called The Martial Artist in Orleans Ontario Canada which has been serving the martial arts community since 1994.