Founder -  Soke Bryan Cheek

Soke Bryan Cheek

Jukoshinryu Jiu Jitsu – 10th Dan
Kobudo – 8th Dan
Judo – 7th Dan
Soke Bryan Cheek is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the World Elite Black Belt Society – WEBBS.He founded this world wide martial art organisation in the year 2001 from just his one London based Dojo and it has now grown to have many member countries.With over 50 years of martial arts training, Soke has travelled and taught martial arts in over 35 different countries! He still travels and is in much demand throughout the year teaching his particular style of Jiu Jitsu.Soke has taught Law Enforcement, Special Forces and Military units in many different countries and also many hundreds of seminars for the general public both young and old.Soke is one of the most experienced martial arts teachers in the world today, he is renowned for his no nonsense approach to training and his fast and effective self defence techniques.The author of several Dvds and two books he has promoted the art of Jiu Jitsu and developed his own unique system called Jukoshinryu!He is well known for his teaching ability of all ages and is especially experienced in the tuition of children. His teaching career started in 1972 when he opened his first Dojo and he is still teaching on a regular basis at the London Martial Art Centre in North London.Soke promotes and encourages all martial art students and through WEBBS he is able to provide a world organisation which is available to all serious martial art students!Soke can be contacted:
WEBBS Headquarters Dojo,
71 Lancaster Road,
Enfield, Middlesex,
EN2 ODW Telephone – 44 208 363 8822