Yasumoto Akyoshi
Soke10th Dan Moto-Ha Yoshin
Ryu Ju Jutsu

The World Elite Black Belt Society is proud to welcome Yasumoto Sensei as an Honorary President of the Society, this position was granted to him by the World Technical panel, for a life time dedication to the Martial Arts.We thank Yasumoto Sensei for accepting this Honorary position and hopefully we will all benefit from his many years of Martial Art experience.Yasumoto Akyoshi is one of the most authoritive masters of traditional Ju-Jutsu of our time. Yasumoto Sensei holds a 10th Dan black belt, and has represented one of the most elite schools of Ju-Jutsu (Hontai Yoshin Ryu) in Japan for many years in annual demonstrations for the Japanese Federation of Traditional Martial Arts in the Tokoyo Budokan, as well as demonstrating and teaching at International Congresses around the world. In 1996 Yasumoto Sensei left the Hontai Yoshin Ryu to form his own school which was officially named in 1999 as Moto-Ha Yoshin Ryu. The Moto-Ha Ryu school is currently represented in Europe, CIS, USA and Israel, its headquarters are still located in Japan in the Totory Province. Yasumoto Sensei was born in 1933 and as a youth took up Judo under his uncle an 8th Dan Master, in addition to this he also pursued the western art of boxing. Having reached the rank of 3rd Dan Yasumoto Sensei was actively involved many times in street conflicts with the representatives of Yakuja the criminal world of Japan. It was fom this experience that Yasumoto Sensei concluded that Judo did not provide enough effective techniques for hand to hand combat. For 26 years Yasumoto Sensei trained independently until he joined the Hontai Yoshin Ryu dojo under the direction of Mynaki Soke eventually becoming one of the leading masters of the Hontai Yoshin Ryu .To contact Yasumoto Sensei please refer all correspondence via the webmaster:Renshi Anthony Robson

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