Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky

Representative organization name: Bushin-Kai International (Branch of Ukraine)
Ukraine headquarters: Odessa, Bushinkan dojoPresident/chief-instructor Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky
Evgeny Radishevsky started martial arts both with Sambo and Karate in 1981 when he was 11 years old. From 1983 till 1986 he also practiced Sport and Combat Jiudo.

From 1987 till 1989 when he was in the Soviet Union army he practiced Hand-to- Hand Fighting.

In 1991 Evgeny Radishevsky was a gold champion of the Soviet Union hand-to hand-fighting tournament. In 1992 he received a Diploma from the Ukrainian branch of the All Soviet Union Hand-to Hand-Fighting Federation as the best teacher, because one of his students became a Full Contact Kumite absolute champion of Ukraine.

Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky is a founder and chief-instructor of Bushin-Kai International. He has Godan (5-th Dan) black belt grade in Jiu-Jiutsu, Yondan (4-th Dan) Kobudo & Karate Jiutsu. Also he practices and has yudansha grade in Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jiu-Jiutsu & Kobudo and Toyama Ryu Iaido.Evgeny Radishevsky has taken part in many international martial arts congresses and seminars and studied different martial arts in Russia, Sweden, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary, Spain and other countries.In 1997-1998 Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky became Official representative of the World Kobudo Federation, Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bu Jiutsu World Federation, International Black Belt Academy, Nippon Jiu-Jiutsu & Kobudo and Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jiu-Jiutsu (2002) for his organization’s branch countries.From 2000 he became the representative for Ukraine and technical directorWorld Elite Black Belt Society for his organization branch countries also.Shihan Bryan Cheek, chief-instructor of WEBBS is an official technical advisor for the Bushin-Kai International and honorary technical director for the BKI sports department. He holds annual seminar in the Bushin-Kai International dojos in different countries and has many yudansha students in Ukraine, Moldova, Israel and Byelorussia.From 1997 Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky has been a Technical Director of the Jiu-Jiutsu Association of Moldova, Jiu-Jiutsu & Kobudo Federation of Odessa, Bu Jiutsu Federation of Israel and Technical Advisor of the Budo Association of Byelorussia and Bushinkai International of USA.

Every year Shihan Radishevsky studies Jiu-Jiutsu, Kobu-Jiutsu and Iaido in the International Black Belt Academy & Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Bu Jiutsu World Federation Headquarters in Sweden under his Hoku Shin Ko Ryu & Hontai Yoshin Ryu teacher Kyoshi Jan-Erik Karlsson, 8th Dan. He also studies Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jiu-Jiutsu under his teacher Sensei Yasumoto .

In November 1998 Evgeny Radishevsky received the title of Renshi when he participated in the World Kobudo Federation European Headquarters in London. At this time Evgeny Radishevsky studied Jiu-Jiutsu and Jiudo under Hanshi Richard Morris, 9-th Dan and Shihan Bryan Cheek, 7-th Dan. Also Shihan Radishevsky took part in some class of Karate as a teacher for the WKF members.

In 1999 Shihan Radishevsky received the title of Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Jiu-Jiutsu Renshi from Kyoshi Jan-Erik Karlsson, 8th Dan in the International Martial Arts Congress in Moldova.

Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky often teaches Defense Tactics for Police special force of Ukraine and holds seminars for Security of Moldova and Byelorussia. He has much official gratitude for this work.

In 10 years of work Evgeny Radishevsky has taught more than 50 black belt students. Many of them became instructors in his organization in different countries.

Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky usually teaches different martial arts in the Bushinkan Dojo (International Headquarters) in Odessa, Ukraine and has many seminars and camps in every Bushin-Kai International Dojo in every branch country. He also teaches martial arts in many international seminars in other Budo organizations.

Annually he organizes several International Martial Arts Congresses and seminars, black belt tests and competitions in Ukraine, Byelorussia or a Moldova. For these Congresses, he invites the worldwide instructors from Europe, USA or Japan.

Members of Bushin-Kai International often take part in the martial arts festival, demonstrations and competitions and many times win the International Full Contact Jiu-Jiutsu Tournaments and Soviet Union Jiu-Jiutsu Championship 1999, 2000 and 2001.The Bushinkan Dojo team was also the absolute champion Enbu Tai Jiutsu Ukrainian Championship 2000, 2001.

In 1998 Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky wrote “Jiu-Jiutsu. The Samurai Martial Art”. His book received many good forewords from worldwide masters from the many of international martial arts organizations.In 2005 Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky was awarded the title of Shihan in Jukoshin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu by Soke Bryan Cheek, and accepted the post of International Co-ordinator for W.E.B.B.S Eastern Europe.

Contact Renshi Evgeny Radishevsky:
Bushin-Kai International HQ
P.O.B. – 132
Odessa 65076

Bushin-Kai International Headquarters
Phone/fax: +38 0482 647061