Kyoshi Gary Houldsworth

Kyoshi Gary Houldsworth trained in the art of Jiu Jitsu for over 25 years and he is a well known senior grade in the Ottawa area of Canada.

He trained under the supervision of Soke Bryan Cheek for many years and he was mainly responsible for the introduction of both the World Elite Black Belt Society – WEBBS and Jukoshinryu Jiu Jitsu to Canada.

Kyoshi Houldsworth was the first WEBBS member in Canada and through his tireless work over some 7 years he was able to establish a foothold for our World organisation, which is now growing rapidly.

Due to ill health Kyoshi Houldsworth is now unable to train, but still maintains a keen interest in the development of WEBBS all around the world. A close and long standing friend of Soke for many years, his advice is still required and relied upon.

We thank Kyoshi Houldsworth for all of his past efforts and trust we can rely on his continued support in future years. Kyoshi Gary Houldsworth

Website: www.jukoshinryu.com